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German Junghans Aviator Chronograph Picks Up In Breitling Aerospace's Foot Steps

The Breitling Aerospace is one of Breitling's most successful watches. Why? Because it was relatively economical, masculine stylish, and housed Breitling's Super Quartz movement (thermoline Quartz which is about 20 times more accurate than a standard quartz movement). However, the last iteration of the Aerospace released was a while ago. Close to 10 years. Yes, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of mechanical movements, but there is still such a big market for them.

Realizing this, Germany's Junghans felt it had a way to offer a similar fake watch to the Breitling Aerospace collection while adding its own strengths to the mix. Junghans has been at the forefront of radio controlled replica watches for years. These replica watches receive signals from local atomic clocks (you have to be in a participating country which includes Germany, UK, Japan, USA, and some surrounding areas), and constantly sync themselves. This means you never need to worry about to the second accuracy, for the most part. If you are out of range of the atomic clock signals, the fake watch simply uses its own quartz movement until it can sync once again.

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The new Junghans Aviator Chronograph has a remarkable similarity to the Breitling, which is not a bad thing. The reserve shaded LCD is of the same style that Breitling uses, and the location of the two internal displays against the analog face is the same. Functions include a split second chronograph, countdown timer, full calendar, and information regarding the atomic radio signal, including region and strength of signal. It is a pretty comprehensive set of functionality combined with the well designed analog hands and face in the style of the Breitling Aerospace.

The Junghans Aviator Chronograph is available with a leather strap or steel bracelet. Size is 42.5mm wide. The face is sapphire crystal, and the bezel is nicely tuned to be functional but not a copy of the Breitling. Junghans character abounds in this watch, and I believe it is an excellent direction from the atomic fake watch experts. Junghans is one of those companies that has been around for a very long time and know how to make a solid and well built watch, using the latest technology (they were one of the firsts to utilize carbon fiber in their watches). Here they begin to flex their design muscles and enter a new realm of interesting and useful fake watch products. Expect pricing to be reasonable and I am guess about $1000 or less.

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